Batmans choice with regards to harvey

batmans choice with regards to harvey Batman would throw a punch and penguin would immediately throw one right back it was so epic the harvey fight was more emotional, he actually has you beat at one point and bruce knew it.

Choice #1 is thrown at you in chapter two, during your encounter with either harvey or cobblepot the first option will leave alfred's deliberations without an answer the second option will let you put all the blame on alfred third option will cheer him up the third choice happens during the last. Batman, the joker and two face's personalities may be understood through the different choices they make batman chooses according to his values, which have a fractal structure to them. The dark knight quotes the but that's the point of batman, he can be the outcast he can make the choice that no one else can make, the right choice [harvey throws coin, batman jumps up. Batman is a 1989 american superhero film directed by tim burton and produced by jon peters and peter guber, harvey dent reads a note from batman, promising that he will defend gotham whenever crime strikes again furst had been too committed on high spirits, a choice he later regretted.

Trial is the ninth episode of the second season of batman: the animated series it originally aired on may 16, 1994 in a bizarre parody of a trial, batman is kidnapped by his entire rogues gallery, and put on trial, with the new district attorney who loathes him forced to act as his lawyer. I agree with the first choice, but went to the house for the second the possibility of losing alfred is a much bigger risk for bruce than losing his tech in my head i thought, batman's had to fight without any tech before so he can probably do it again. Lie or tell gordon the truth about lucius fox - batman season 2 the enemy within episode 1 - duration: 7:24 father 8,114 views.

The dark knight rises is a 2012 british-american superhero movie, and a sequel to the dark knight and a second sequel to batman begins it was the last movie in the dark knight trilogy contents. Harvey dent is a supporting protagonist-turned-antagonist of batman: a telltale series harvey is the district attorney in gotham city he is a friend of bruce wayne and formerly running for mayor of gotham against hamilton hill however, following an attack by the children of arkham, harvey. Ep 2 – campaign funding story choices & endings in batman the telltale series season 1 following the scandal surrounding your parents, harvey contacts you toward the end of episode two to let.

In the dark knight rises, batman has vanished into the night, turning from hero to fugitive after assuming the blame for the death of da harvey dent however, with the emergence of bane, a masked terrorist whose has devised a ruthless plan for gotham, bruce is forced out of his self-imposed exile. Batman: the telltale series is a 2016 episodic point-and-click graphic adventure video game developed and published by telltale games and distributed by warner bros interactive entertainment under its dc entertainment label. Batman's choice at the end is similar to the forced choice between rachel and dent batman had to act, and the only action was to separate dent from the young boy and the only way to do that was to leap at them and grab the boy while pushing dent aside.

Choice of weapons: while batman takes down criminals on the streets, he remembers his origins and the early days of his career when he was preparing for his debut as the caped crusader batman rescues two kidnapped children while batman takes down criminals on the streets, he remembers his. Batman: [in the back of a factory at 250 52nd street] you don't want to hurt the boy, harvey two-face : it's not about what i want, it's about what's fair 8 of 8 found this interesting interesting. I've frequently heard the idea that the joker didn't switch the addresses when he told batman the locations of harvey and rachel, but he did: in the interrogation room, joker tells batman that harvey is at 250 52nd street and that rachel is on avenue x.

Bruce can then make the choice to either continue funding harvey or to stop it completely regardless of the choice, harvey hung up for final preparations meeting gordon on a rooftop overlooking the theatre, batman checked the status of the task force. Batman must battle former district attorney harvey dent, who is now two-face and edward nygma, the riddler with help from an amorous psychologist and a young circus acrobat who becomes his sidekick, robin. Harvey dent was gotham city's star district attorney until an accident brought out his dark side and turned him into the criminal two-face gotham city's district attorney harvey dent was a true guardian of law and order.

Harvey dent was gotham city's amiable and courteous district attorney and one of batman's strongest allies until sal boss maroni threw acid in his face, hideously scarring him it also fractured his mental state, causing him to become two-face, a schizoid criminal mastermind obsessed with duality and the number two. Editor’s note: in june of 2007, i had the honor of visiting the chicago set of the dark knighttoday’s report is of the conversation with aaron eckhart, who plays harvey dent in the film aaron eckhart was a heck of a choice to play doomed gotham district attorney harvey dent. The batman is in the early stages of coming together, and there's a chance that one fan-favorite actor could factor into thingsaccording to a recent report, oscar isaac has met with warner bros.

Batmans choice with regards to harvey
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